Food, Glorious Food!

The full-time children who attend Starshine Nursery are offered 3 delicious meals each day – breakfast, lunch, tea and two snacks. Breakfast, lunch and one snack are provided for the children who attend in the morning, and one snack and tea for the children who attend in the afternoon. We also offer the children water and milk to drink throughout the day.

We have a three-week menu on display on the Parent’s Notice Board, which is healthy and nutritious, and changes to reflect the seasons. All of our food is cooked on site, from scratch, so it can be adapted for individual dietary requirements. We cook with no added salt or preservatives, and we only use small amounts of sugar in our puddings.

We love to celebrate the children’s special occasions at the nursery. Parent’s are welcome to bring in cakes and treats for the children to enjoy.

The children are also involved with the menu. Once a week they decide what they would like for pudding and tea and make it themselves (with the help of the adults, of course). We hope that by engaging the children in cooking activities they can learn more about where their food comes from, and will be more motivated to eat what they have made.

Sample Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A selection of cereals & warm toast, and milk or water to drink.
Fresh fruit & finger foods.

Mac & Cheese

with sweetcorn

& broccoli

Creamy chicken

crumble with

veg medley

Bangers & mash

with peas and


Beef lasagna with

roasted Italian


Shepherd's pie

and green beans




Creamy quorn

chicken crumble

with veg medley

Quorn sausages &

mash with peas

and carrots

Lentil lasagna

with roasted Italian


Bean Shepherd's pie

and green beans


Fromage frais

Winter fruit crumble

& custard

Chocolate cake

Natural yoghurt

with seasonal

fresh fruit

Children's choice
Fresh fruit & finger foods

Warm crumpets,

tomatoes &

cucumbers plums

Beans on toasts


Children's choice


Crudités & dip


Sweetcorn &

pepper pizza slices


Our Location

Starshine Nursery
Christ Church Hall, 34 Crescent Road, Crouch End, London N8 8AX


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