Learning Through Play

Messy and creative play are available daily, along with sensory and malleable experiences. We have a wide range of constructional toys, puzzles and games, carefully chosen to challenge enquiring minds. Our role play area and small world toys encourage imaginary play and exploration, giving the children an understanding of the world around them. We have a quiet book area, and engage in daily story, singing and music sessions. Letters and numbers are introduced to the children in a fun way within activities and throughout the environment. Educational computer software is available to all the children.

Children have a phenomenal ability to absorb new languages. We offer the chance for them to join in with weekly Spanish sessions, which are delivered by a native qualified teacher in a fun and informal way which includes songs, rhymes and games.

Cooking is another weekly activity enjoyed by the children. We offer the children choices for tea and pudding, which they then make with support from the staff. This encourages their independence and problem solving, listening skills, following instructions, positive relationship with fresh foods leading to better nutrition, and hopefully, encourages them to get some food in their bellies!

With the help of the nursery families and staff, we celebrate many of the cultural and religious festivals which fall throughout the year.

We have various outings in conjunction with our themes, i.e. visits to the farm, seaside, fire station, etc. We also take regular trips to the local shops, libraries, and nature trails to learn about our local community.

Sleep promotes growth and helps the brain process the day’s events. The nursery caters for children’s individual needs for rest and quiet activities during the day. Sleep areas and facilities are available for full day children after lunch if required.

Our Location

Starshine Nursery
Christ Church Hall, 34 Crescent Road, Crouch End, London N8 8AX


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