There are two Owners at Starshine who have individual roles within the nursery, but are jointly responsible for the nursery.

Starshine also has a Nursery Manager and two Senior Practitioners, who assist in the smooth running of the nursery.

Staff Team

Starshine have a wonderfully varied team, including part- and full-time staff. Whilst the majority of our staff team is qualified and highly experienced, we also always have apprentices within the team. We maintain the ratio of adult-to-children in line with the Welfare Requirements, but try to go above and beyond the ratio requirements as far as possible. This ensures that we:

  • Give time and attention to each child
  • Are there to sooth, comfort and reassure
  • Talk and play with the children
  • Help the children to interact with and benefit from the experiences and activities we provide
  • Allow the children to be adventurous in safety

All staff hold First Aid certificates, clear DBS checks, and have received Child Protection training. They take part in further training to keep up-to-date with thinking within early years care and education.

Key Person

Starshine uses a Key Person approach. Each child has two members of staff – a Key Person and a Co-Key Person – who especially watch over them. This means that, whilst all staff work with all the children, and the children choose their own ‘special people’, each member of staff has a group of children who they are particularly responsible for.

When first starting at the setting, the Key Person will help each child to settle, and throughout their time at Starshine, will help them to benefit from the activities and experiences. We want all children to feel happy and safe with us. The Key Person will be the one who works with each family to make sure that what we provide is right each child’s individual needs.

Our Location

Starshine Nursery
Christ Church Hall, 34 Crescent Road, Crouch End, London N8 8AX


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